How do selfish people act?

Selfish people are people who are only interested in themselves and have little or no interest in others. They will place themselves and their interests above all others and are generally not great people to be friends with.

Examples of selfish behaviour

Selfish people are no good team players.

Selfish people are no good team players.

You will often come across selfish people in many different situations – the common theme that you will notice is that they will always put themselves first. For example, when talking to a selfish person, they will generally talk about themselves and their own interests. If you try to talk about yourself or your own interests, they will generally interrupt and turn the conversation back to themselves or, in the most extreme example, they will simply leave the conversation and find someone else who will let them talk about themselves. Selfish people are often arrogant, too.

Selfish people will never ask questions as part of a conversation as they are simply not interested in hearing about other people. They will also become unhappy if they do not get their own way and will also find it hard to apologise for any poor behaviour on their part, mainly because they will be unable to accept that their behaviour has been unacceptable.

A selfish person as a partner

Having a selfish person as a partner can be particularly difficult. They will always want things their own way; from food to decor to furniture to something as simple as what to watch on the tv, they will want things to be their choice. This can be frustrating and difficult for the partner of a this person.

Dealing with selfish people

Selfishness is a learned behaviour and while it can be changed, it is very difficult to demonstrate to someone that they are being selfish and harder still for them to unlearn the behaviour even when they can accept that they are being unreasonable. Perhaps the best way of dealing with this type of personality is to simply not engage with them. If you realise you are dealing with a selfish person, find the quickest, politest way out of the conversation and move on. Don’t worry about offending them, they will be so wrapped up in what they are saying and doing they will hardly notice that you are gone!