Arrogance is an unattractive quality born out of an exaggerated sense of self importance. It creates an overpowering, offensive to a point, sense of superiority to others, a feeling of always being right. Arrogance can give off a sense of haughtiness, making an arrogant person seem aloof to those around. It is the step beyond reasonable self confidence, to looking down on opinions that differ.

The Arrogant person expressed

Arrogant people are often quite superficial and egoistic.

Arrogant people are often quite superficial and egoistic.

Arrogance turns up in all walks of life, all professions, all areas. Pride is their patron. Arrogant people tend to be very self focussed, not interested in others, whose opinions do not really matter to them anyway. They want to look good at all times to the outside world and are not beyond belittling others in the misguided view that it strengthens their image to the onlooker. Hence the patronizing nature of their conversation, instructing rather then discussing. Arrogance is not a great promoter of self analysis and reflection. Why bother, they know it all already.

The effect of arrogance

So how do those people feel who come in contact with arrogance? Different people will always react in different ways. Some will laugh it off, some will ignore it, able to go away shaking their head at the arrogance of this person or that. However some will not be able to shrug it off so easily. An arrogant person may use a snide remark, sometimes behind the back of the person, to be found out later. They will want the last word, will look to devalue an opinion, and in effect the person making the opinion. This type of belittling can be very detrimental to someone’s confidence. People with low self confidence or low self esteem will only get worse in order for arrogance to maintain their selfish perceived high status.

Back to charm school

It is pretty difficult to find any redeeming factors in arrogance. Arrogant people are seemingly oblivious to their transgression, congratulating themselves in their own world for their wonderful contribution that nobody else around them could have achieved, their set in stone views that are unassailable and fool proof. They float on by head held high looking down on the rest. Yes, occasionally a pin bursts the bubble, a deflation that must be hard to take as they are finally proved wrong on an issue. Occasionally, for most will just bluster their way through, sticking to their guns in the face of all the evidence. Charm school would be of no use. Arrogance thinks, no, knows it is charming anyway.